We knew that our return to Antiparos island together with the Apivita team would be emotionally significant for us, but we could not imagine that we would leave the island even more moved. And while the first reason was that we returned to the island from which we started our work and met again our beloved friends in the field, the second reason was that after 3 days of activities, Antiparos would once again deliver a unique and promising message.

It all began with the educational workshops in the schools of the island, where we met high school students who, six years ago, actively participated as elementary school students in the activities we had implemented. Evan, who six years ago painted the bin of the first marine waste collection station in Greece, was now back in the field helping us with the classification of waste. Similar examples were seen with other children of the island who clearly remembered our previous visit.



We were also happy to meet old friends in the consultation we organized to discuss the problems of the island with the aim of finding corresponding solutions. Fishermen who set the example from the very beginning, representatives of the civil society, the port and the municipal authorities were all there.

All of them also participated in the clean-up activities implemented at the port and on seven beaches. And all together, we succeeded in making the port of Antiparos a marine litter free port. After 3 widespread initiatives on the island and several visits, Antiparos achieved something that other islands would envy. A society that developed an active role in a major project to restore its marine environment. Antiparos once again sets the example!

Warm thanks for their contribution to the fishermen community, Antiparos Rescue Team, Ploigos of Antiparos, Women’s Association of Antiparos, MEAS Oliaros, Cats of Antiparos, Nautical Club of Antiparos and Antiparos En Plo.