Blue Municipalities Network

A unique project at national & European level

What is the Blue Municipalities Network

The Blue Municipalities Network, established and coordinated by the environmental organization Aegean Rebreath, is a partnership of 19 island and coastal municipalities in Greece that shape and develop practices for the protection of the marine environment. It is a network based on cooperation among municipal authorities, civil society organizations and central authorities with the aim of highlighting the importance of the marine environment for the society and the economy. It fosters a collaborative ecosystem with research and educational institutions and also partners with international private firms committed to advancing marine conservation efforts. It also serves as a best practice at a European level since it operates as a legal entity in accordance with the decisions of its municipal councils.

Benefits of Participation in the Network

The membership, apart from prerequisites, entails significant benefits for municipal authorities and the local communities. Each member is supported:

Advocacy to central authorities
Opportunities to build synergies with other network members
Development of pilot programs in collaboration with international groups
Development and submission of funding proposals
Partnerships with research and educational institutions
Implementation of holistic field activities
Development of databases for each member
Municipalities 19
Actions 45
Pilot Programs 10


Environmental problems, although rooted in international practices, are still perceived today at a local level. Local communities are called upon to develop solutions without always having the means or resources.

Since 2017, Aegean Rebreath has been working with local authorities and communities across different locations in Greece, noting the increasing interest of local communities in practices that can preserve their marine resources. This ever growing interest needed to be transformed into a practice that would unite the voices of island and coastal municipalities, representing their efforts to promote environmental democracy and environmental rights.

As a result, the Blue Municipalities Network’s efforts highlight the following objectives:

Implementing activities for the marine environment based on the cooperation and coordination of member municipalities
Building partnerships among member municipalities for submitting joint funding proposals for the marine environment
Exchanging and promoting best practices
Strengthening the role of local communities and civil society in shaping local and regional policies
Formulating policies to match environmental challenges at the local level
Highlighting the added value of environmental policies at the local level
Transferring know how and evidence base proposals to relevant ministries
Highlighting the network as a hub of knowledge for the development and dissemination of environmental initiatives