How to become a member of the Blue Municipalities Network

Any municipality that implements clear practices and policies for the marine and coastal environment can become a member of the Blue Municipalities Network. In this context, before acquiring membership, any aspiring member is required to install a marine litter collection station within its territory, following a practice that serves as a hub for raising awareness and implementing numerous activities for the marine environment. The accession of a municipality requires the prior approval of the Network's articles of association as well as the acceptance of the obligations arising from the relevant document.

Furthermore, Port Authorities, Social Entities, Cooperatives and Collective Organizations, Social Foundations, Development Anonymous Companies, Universities, and Research Institutions can enroll as non-ordinary members.

Operating rules of the Blue Municipalities Network

The operation of the network is based on articles of association developed upon full consultation with member municipalities. The articles of association were voted on by the municipal councils of the members, defining the objectives, functions, and obligations of the members. They also clarify roles and
responsibilities as the structure of the network includes distinct committees and working groups.

In this context, we would like to thank Ms. Lina Dikaiakou, legal counsel, for her voluntary contribution to the development of the articles of association and her overall support.