Aegean Rebreath received two more awards for its collaboration with the Municipality of Antiparos and the Port Authorities of Skyros for activities and pilot projects implemented in the two members of the Blue Municipalities Network.

The first honorary distinction, which was awarded in the context of the Green Awards (Boussias), involved Aegean Rebreath collaboration with the Skyros Port Authorities and acknowledged the joint activities related to proper waste management in the port that has been identified as a best practice at national and international level. Aegean Rebreath has already implemented holistic interventions on the island, while has also developed a marine litter collection station in the central port.

The second award (Gold Award, Community Engagement, Boussias) concerns the innovative program that was implemented in Antiparos island in collaboration with the municipal authorities and with the support of Pepsico Hellas. The program foresaw the use of 400 kg of bottle caps, collected by the local community, to produce three-stream recycling bins that were installed at beaches and businesses on the island (more information here).

These distinctions confirm the importance of synergies, the role of innovation and the active participation of local communities. At the same time, the awards recognize the added value of activities and programs that can be identified as good practices for the rest of the country.