One more central authority is being added to the joint efforts of Aegean Rebreath and the Blue Municipalities Network for the protection of the marine environment. A Memorandum of Cooperation was signed at a recent meeting between Mr. Sarelakos, the President of the organization, and Mr. Kyriazopoulos, the Ministry’s General Secretary of Ports, Maritime Policy and Investments.

Both signatories stressed the importance of this cooperation, and the need to create practical examples and meaningful action. In the framework of the Memorandum great emphasis will be given, inter alia, to the use of the network of marine litter collection stations which Aegean Rebreath has rolled out, as well as the exchange of technical know-how on environmental upgrades for ports.

The Memorandum comes at a time when Aegean Rebreath is intensifying its work to strengthen cooperation and efforts to create a national model for the protection of our seas.