We were thrilled to welcome Alonissos to the “Blue Municipalities” Network! Although Greece was amidst the holiday season, August gave us the opportunity to complete our joint efforts with the municipal authorities for the operation of the first marine litter collection station in the Sporades.

The establishment of the station has not been completed yet, however, the informal operation of the station has already started as a member of our organization was on the island and together with the executives of the Municipality proceeded to the first necessary works.

We consider this first station in the Sporades a great victory as it is located on an island that features a water park and seriously invests in the protection of the marine environment. Our new station on Alonnisos sends a clear message that no investment in the marine environment can succeed unless, first of all, marine pollution is tackled in terms of both prevention and decontamination.

We look forward to visiting the island soon so that we proceed to wider activities and get to know first-hand its distinctive personality!