The program for the cigarette butts that started in Rafina last year expanded to the island of Naxos with remarkable success! We are excited that approximately 6,500 cigarette butts have been collected during the first two months of the program’s operation.

The innovative environmental program “Small Actions, Big Crimes” is implemented by Aegean Rebreath together with the Municipality of Naxos & Small Cyclades, with the support of BAT Hellas and the auspices of the Ministry of Environment and Energy. This specific program is another successful practice shared between members of the Blue Municipalities Network.

The pilot program started in November 2021 in Rafina and, only within 17 months, it has achieved the collection of 91,000 cigarette butts and a 62% reduction of the reckless disposal of cigarette butts throughout the city.

The success of the program and the determination of all key partners to turn a local practice into a new national model raised the interest of the government. But, most importantly, the initiative seems to have motivated another local community, Naxos community, that actively responds to this new endeavour for the island.