Our trip to Kalamata had a dual purpose. We had the opportunity to meet with the Mayor, municipal employees and our partners from the Messinia Catering Association to discuss the next steps of our cooperation concerning the Blue Municipalities Network, while, at the same time, we monitored the progress of the pilot projects that we have implemented in the area.

More specifically, our delegation informed the Mayor and officials of the Municipality about the developments related to the acquisition of a legal entity for the Blue Municipalities Network as well as the activities foreseen within 2023 on the basis of our bilateral cooperation. In this context, we finalized the implementation of educational and informative activities, while we scheduled the implementation of clean-up activities.

We also visited the Nedontas river to monitor the maintenance work for the trap net we have installed with the support of Nescafé, as well as οφ the marine litter collection station we have established in the port in collaboration with Captain Vassilis and Carmen Constantakopoulou Foundation. At the same time, we didn’t miss the opportunity to load in our van the nets we collected from the fishing community.

Certainly, our visit to Kalamata was short but quite productive and full of meetings. We expect to return to the area soon so we can move forward with our planning.