Civil society is taking action for the huge problem of bottled water consumption. Islands and coastal areas are burdened every year with thousands of water bottles and consequently the marine environment as well. This fact is reflected by our databases which record the burden on both seabed and coastal areas from plastic water bottles.

What is also important is that this program is implemented thanks to the initiative of Nina Schnabel who, as a citizen and regular visitor to Greece, has identified this problem like other issues as well. The program foresees the provision of 40-50 household water filters to a community that will be suggested by the members of the Blue Municipalities network. It is promising that 7 municipalities have already expressed interest in this initiative. The selection of the area where the program will be implemented will be based on specific conditions and criteria in order to ensure the success and sustainability of the program. A key issue is to capture the impact of the intervention at local level with the aim of offering conclusions at national level. We are therefore excited to conclude that this program will lead to the reduction of the use of bottled water in the selected community.

Another ambitious program developed by civil society for citizens.