The number of our Marine Litter Collection Stations is growing with the latest addition of the new station in the Cyclades and, in particular, on the island of Amorgos! Another holistic intervention for Amorgos added to the 18 islands that have installed Marine Litter Collection Stations and the participation of the Municipality of Amorgos to the Blue Municipal Network accompanied by marine pollution prevention policies.

Given the opportunity of the station installation, we had fruitful discussions with the municipal authorities, the fishing community and the local community that welcomed the new venture. It is no coincidence that the station was installed with everyone’s contribution!

The installation of the station on Amorgos comes at a time when all the Greek islands are preparing, in view of the summer season, to welcome increased tourist flows and face significant challenges in litter and waste management. And, of course, we have planned extensive operations in different parts of the island this September.