We were in Santorini to launch a new pilot project on the active response to marine pollution. In collaboration with the Municipal Port Fund of Thira and with the support of PepsiCo Hellas, we are implementing the Recycle Your Sail program, which aims to change the mindset and educate visitors, professionals and local communities regarding the waste management on yachts.

The program seeks to highlight -among others- the responsibility of visitors to reduce their environmental footprint. To this respect, visitors are invited to get involved in waste reduction efforts by actively participating in proper waste management. In fact, the first signs of the implementation of the project are very encouraging, as local businesses have already made a decisive start!

The new pilot project is based on 5 main pillars and includes information campaigns on boats and at berths as well as waste management methods on board. Prevention, informing the public and raising awareness is the key aspects of this program that promotes cooperation among the private sector, institutional authorities and the island’s local business community with a single objective: the development of a new practice that will serve as a model for other regions in Greece.