The BoD President, Mr. Antonopoulos, attended the International Ocean Conference where he had the opportunity to discuss and present the Blue Municipalities Network (B.M.N.) to key representatives from international organizations and agencies. The conference, held in Athens, provided a significant opportunity for additional visibility of the network’s practices, which has raised interest at both national and European level. Specific reference to the network’s role was also made at the side event organized by Aegean Rebreath in collaboration with the German UN Ocean Decade Committee, where the central topic of discussion was the role of companies in achieving goals for marine protection.

Several distinguished experts participated in the panel and shared their views on the next steps the market should take towards a sustainable future. Aegean Rebreath’s main point was that practices that do not involve local communities and authorities cannot guarantee the sustainability of any intervention. The Blue Municipalities Network was cited as an example, taking into consideration the support it receives from numerous companies to develop holistic programs aiming to change mindsets at the local level.

During the conference, Mr. Antonopoulos met with the Head of Aegean Rebreath, Mr. Sarelakos, where he was briefed on the issues that the project team of the B.M.N. currently manages.