After 4 years of intensive work and numerous collaborations throughout Greece, it was self-evident but also necessary to pursue the next step. A step that would not only reward the efforts of our partners but also create a platform for the promotion of practices and policies at a local and also national level.

Only recently our organization in collaboration with the 13 members-Municipalities and the relevant committees of the Network completed the consultation process in order to set goals and configure all the internal tools necessary for the smooth operation of the platform.

The “Blue Municipalities” Network is the first relevant Network in Greece and aims at the exchange and promotion of good practices, the implementation of joint actions for the protection of the marine environment, the development of synergies, the provision of directions to the relevant Ministries and the submission of proposals but also policymaking at a local and regional level.

We have just recently informed the Deputy Minister of Environment and Energy who confirmed his intention to utilize and strengthen the Network. At the same time, he gladly accepted the request of our organization in order for the Network to actively participate through a working committee in the consultation with Ministry officials with a focus on key issues.

The “Blue Municipalities” Network for us is a milestone, a celebration of environmental democracy. It proves that every citizen, every volunteer can make a difference, can promote proposals and practices from the local to the national level. We continue intensively and expect even better results in the field!