General Assembly of the Blue Municipalities Network

The General Assembly of the Blue Municipalities Network confirmed the importance of this unique venture, which is now evolving into a national model!

The active participation and interest of the mayors of the participating municipalities were reflected in the best possible way, by the high levels of participation in the General Assembly, aiming at electing the new BoD.

Nine municipalities are now participating in the BoD, spanning across 5 distinct regions of Greece! It is also important that the newly elected mayors confirmed the interest of their predecessors, with several already assuming positions in the BoD.

The members unanimously decided that the next network meeting will aim to reflect with the relevant ministries and formulate strategic priorities for 2024. This stands as a significant accomplishment for the Network’s Technical Team, whose proposals will serve as the foundation for the elaborated policy recommendations and directives.



Admission of 4 New Members

2024 already brought four new members to the Blue Municipalities Network! The municipalities of Santorini and Skyros, which until today participated as informal but particularly active members through their Port Funds, as well as the municipalities of Spetses and Zakynthos, that are now officially members of the network following recent decisions by their respective municipal councils.

Nineteen (19) municipalities from all over Greece participate in the network, representing 5 different regions! Eight (8) islands in the Cyclades Complex, four (4) of the Ionian Islands, two (2) of the Sporades complex, two (2) in the Argo-Saronic Gulf, one (1) of the Dodecanese, and two (2) municipalities in the mainland are members of the network.

The entry of these four municipalities into the network is a notably positive development, as the new municipal authorities appear particularly determined to address the problems associated with marine pollution in their islands. It is certain that this effort and commitment already serves as a model for other island and coastal municipalities!