The meeting of the mayors during the General Assembly of the Blue Municipalities Network was not only important, since the future steps were discussed among partners, but also brought us a lot of moving moments. This is because many of the elected mayors that encouraged and participated in the founding of the Network will soon have to give their position to the newly elected officials. For this reason, at the start of the meeting, Aegean Rebreath acknowledged the role of all mayors who believed and contributed to the creation and support of this platform from the very first moment. All participants recognized it was a difficult endeavor that required constant efforts; however, there is tangible progress, and the results are promising!

The General Assembly decided unanimously to move the election of the new Management Board to early 2024, as new mayors will take office. At the same time, the progress of the last few months was presented, along with all the significant steps that were made for the development and expansion of the actions of the partners. Within a short period, the Blue Municipalities Network has been recognized as a good practice on a European level and has managed to establish synergies on both national and European levels. It is also very encouraging that more municipalities have already expressed their will to become members of this national platform.

Moreover, the participants were informed on the next steps regarding the field activities that will take place in 2024 and the actions to be taken on an institutional level. The Network acquired its legal personality status in 2023, which coincided with the Greek Municipal elections. However, in the next year and following the election of the new Management Board, we expect to intensify our work on both national and European levels. Above all, the common commitment of all participants to continue supporting, in any capacity, the Network’s efforts was very gratifying!